QUALITYEYE® Inspection System

With the QUALITYEYE product suite, we develop applications for more safety in quality inspection and defect detection with artificial intelligence.

CAREYE® Intelligent Exterior Mirrors

The intelligent CAREYE® exterior rearview mirror is a digital camera monitor system with integrated object detection. It combines the rearview mirror with turn and lane change assist.

CAREYE® Saftey Angle

CAREYE® Saftey Angle from EYYES is an AI-based intelligent turn assistant for trucks and buses


The RAILEYE® 4.0 digital rearview mirror system is a highly secure intelligent rearview mirror system with object detection for streetcars and rail vehicles.


The RAILEYE® 2.0 electronic rearview mirror system from EYYES is a highly secure video-based camera monitor system for streetcars and rail vehicles.