EYYES offers intelligent solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the industry.

We ensure more safety in production.

With the QUALITYEYE product suite, which is based on the EYYES framework, we develop forward-looking applications for more safety in quality inspection and support of production processes.


The camera-based sensor technology of the QUALITYEYE® product suite enables a wide range of applications using the framework.

Camera-based quality control

Inspection of a wide variety of surfaces

  • Defect detection
  • Defect classification
  • Localised defect identification
  • Comparative colour and gloss testing
Production process monitoring

Detection of deviations using deep learning algorithms

  • Workpiece identification
  • Position Determination
  • Geometry recognition
  • Weld seam detection
Solutions for OEMs

Specific optical AI solutions for machine producers to expand their own portfolio of offerings, such as

  • Tool monitoring
  • Inline quality inspection
  • Optical evaluation for process control
Your advantage

  • Increasing product safety through 100% inspection
  • .

  • Objectification of quality inspection by replacing manual inspection with machine inspection of attributive characteristics
  • .

  • Reduction of unjustified complaint costs
  • .

  • Optimizing quality levels by collecting quality data and feeding it to control loops
  • .

  • Increase productivity through condition-based process parameter optimization
  • .

  • Highest detection rates through optimized deep learning algorithms
  • .

  • In-house hardware AND software development maximizes real-time performance and testing
  • .

  • Learning system, therefore future-proof and flexible
  • .


  • Consulting to determine the current status and the task/objective
  • Feasibility studies in our own lighting laboratory
  • Project planning and implementation in hardware and software
  • Implementation and trial operation
  • Handover of operation
  • Support of the first training and test phase
  • Support and aftercare
  • Surface inspections

    Inspects the surface of a painted or coated workpiece to detect defects in the surface, e.g.

    • Scratches, dents
    • Enclosed bubbles
    • Inclusions of foreign particles
    • Insufficient deburring
    • Deviations of color and gloss level
    • .

  • Injection molding

    • Checks the dimensions of the product, e.g. for creep effects or spray defects
    • .

    • Analyzes the color of the product, for example, by changes in the granules, color mist, paint runs, cloud formation
    • .

    • Detects surface damage, e.g. scratches, dust inclusions, adhesive residues
    • .

    • Even transparent components can be reliably inspected
    • .

  • Weld seam detection

    • Real-time operation due to sampling rate of 90 fps
    • .

    • 0% error rate
    • > 98% detection rate
    • PLC interface to downstream industrial equipment
    • .

    • Remote maintenance via VPN access
    • Simple GUI for users
    • Durable and robust
    • Flexible design